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Слинг сумка для фотокамеры для путешествий 9.06 * 5.51 * 14.57 дюймов

4.7 76 отзывов KF13.050
3299 руб 3959 руб
&БЕСПЛАТНАЯ доставка в Россию
  • Производитель: K&F Concept
  • купить K&F Concept Слинг сумка для фотокамеры для путешествий 9.06 * 5.51 * 14.57 дюймов , Бесплатная доставка и 30 дней гарантия возврата.
  • KF13.050
  • Модель: KF13.050
  • 3299
3+ товара со скидкой 10%!
Money back guarantee
30-day refund or replacement
30-day refund or replacement
Secure Payment
Multiple payment options
Multiple payment options
  • * Слинг-рюкзак подходит к DSLR с прикрепленным стандартным зум-объективом, 1-2 дополнительными объективами или вспышкой и аксессуарами, компактным штативом или моноподом и личными вещами.
  • * Конструкция рюкзака обеспечивает быстрое вращение от задней части к передней части вашего тела, предоставляя вам легкий и быстрый доступ к вашему снаряжению (боковые карманы на молнии для легкого доступа, противоугонная конструкция с открытой спиной).
  • * Модели зеркальных камер, которые подходят к сумке: Canon EOS Rebel SL1 / T3 / T3i / T5, Nikon D3200, Nikon D3300, Sony Alpha A5000 и Sony Alpha A6000 и т. Д.
  • * В комплект входят два съемных ремня с быстросъемными пряжками для быстрого крепления штативов.
  • * Эта легкая и прочная дорожная сумка идеально подходит для путешествий! Повысьте удовольствие от своего путешествия и дайте вам чувство безопасности.
3299 руб
&БЕСПЛАТНАЯ доставка в Россию
3+ товара со скидкой 10%!
Money back guarantee
30-day refund or replacement
30-day refund or replacement
Secure Payment
Multiple payment options
Multiple payment options
Размер: слинг рюкзак

характеристики продукта

• Материал: 100% водонепроницаемый нейлон

• Цвет: черный

• Внешние размеры: 9,06 * 5,51 * 14,57 '' (23 см * 14 см * 37 см)

• Вес:

0,58 кг Слинг-рюкзак в западном стиле вмещает и переносит 1 беззеркальную камеру или 1 корпус камеры DSLR с прикрепленный объектив, вспышка, мини-планшеты, небольшой штатив, наушники, смартфоны, кошельки, солнцезащитные очки, аккумуляторы, карты памяти, кабели для передачи данных и другие мелкие аксессуары и т. д. Удобно переносите фотоаппарат сзади - когда вы будете готовы к съемке, просто потяните за ремень вперед, чтобы быстро получить доступ к вашей камере.

Описание товара

• Fits in the overhead compartment of most commercial aircraft worldwide.

•Main strap with additional reinforcement for maximum comfort.

• Rain cover included, wearing the bag on one shoulder or accossing chest as a sling.

•Separate compartment for ipad Mini ,with a vertical zippered pocket at front, also available for other accessories.

• 3D padded back for improved breathability and comfort in hot weather.

• Removable dividers inside to perfect setup.

• Mesh side pocket provides quick storage for a water bottle or other items you want to keep close at hand.

• KF exclusive design / quality assurance / small body big capacity.assurance / small body big capacity.

Product Feature

Tons of storage pockets plus customizable interior dividers give you lots of choices for storing your cameras, lenses, cleaning kits, cards, straps and more .

• Side zippered pockets for easy acess,(Antitheft)back-open design.

• Ergonomic design includes padded back support and a customizable strap for comfortable extended use.

• Airflow back system multi-panel design keeps your back and shoulders comfortable with soft padding and deep airflow channels that work to improve circulation.

• Additional straps to hold light and small tripod, adjustable extra-wide padded shoulder strap.

• Brand zipper, pull together can be repeated more than 100,000 times

• Plastic Button, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, loading capacity


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Great little bag
Bought this after reading lots of reviews for similar products. It is a reasonable sized bag for general day use. I can get the following in the bag, a Canon Eos100D with an 18-200mm zoom fitted, a 18-55mm zoom, a set of 3 extension tubes, 4 circular filters. a reducing ring, remote shutter release and extension lead, spare battery, battery charger and cable, download cable and iPad connection plus the lens cleaning kit that comes with the bag and the rain cover. There is also a dedicated pocket for my iPad mini. It does me proud.I would however point out that the advertising shots show a KF Concept lightweight tripod clipped to the outside which I also ordered. Whilst the tripod is lightweight and does fit nicely to the outside it is not really suitable for a DSLR camera it's probably great for a compact or phone but there is just too much slack in the head for the weight of a DSLR.Also the other photo's in the review section are not of the sling bag but of the larger backpack. I have included photo's to show the sling bag.
Great little bag Great little bag Great little bag
Super Rucksack!
I didn't think it was all in it.I put in without problems-Machine body with 17-40 mounted-70 200 2.8- external flash-50mm 1.8In addition of course various sd and battery charger. If you want there is also space for a 7-inch tablet and the straps for the tripod. I think that for excursions and street it is a more than valid choice. Although not emblazoned, I noticed an excellent build quality
Super Rucksack!
K&F Concept Sling backpack. Size: 9.06"×5.51"×14.57"
Firstly, the quality of materials used, is exceptionally high. Its tough, well padded and the zips are good quality and sturdy. This is the black one and ig looks reasonably stylish, with its compact design and orange detailing.The upper compartment has a top access zip. This zip is not protected in any way. This provides a potential leak point without an additional waterproof cover. Thankfully a rain cover is supplied, so thats taken care of. This section isn't large in any way, however is big enough for a couple of decent sandwiches or so on! The base of the upper compartment is however removable by way of hook and loop tape, allowing it to easily open up into one larger section.The base compartment has two access points. One against your back, for general access to the entire lower section and the one on the side, allowing quick access to your camera only. There are deviders supplied for this lower section and these are attached via hook and loop strips.Additionally to the above, there is an unpadded zipped compartment on the face side and a small external mesh side pocket. On the face side, are two webbing straps to hold a compact tripod and a grab handle positioned between them.Now to the actual review itself. The bag is very compact and the lower section is just large enough to squeeze in my Canon 750d with 50mm prime fitted, an 18-55mm kit lens and a 75-300mm zoom in the lower compartment. Now by "squeeze", what I mean is that I can shoehorn them in, just! Now remember that you can remove that divider and make it into one larger bag! The side access port has two small elastic pockets attached.The upper compartment contains two mesh pockets. These are just the right size for a filter or two, a couple of spare batteries and some SD Cards.Pro's:Compact, light weight, good quality, stylish.Cons:The base section is bit too small to carry the average dslr users kit. Accept that you will have to leave a lens or two at home or use the upper section fir storing kit and buy your food when you need it. It would probably be ideal for a Mirrorless or compact system user though.The tripod straps are well fitted, however even a modest tripod causes some access issues to the top comparment. The access zip would have been better relocated to the rear of the bag, just below the shoulder strap.The hook and loop tape is not strong enough and detaches too easily. The poitioning of the tape isn't ideal, as layout options are very limited. The lower section should have been lined with loop or a compatable fleece material and the dividers should have been a touch larger!The zipped compartment intended for a tablet device isn't protected by padding. This makes the tablet vulnerable to knocks, however it is also subject to weight stress caused by the positioning of a tripod! This wouldn't be a major problem, however my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, is a tight fit with a thin silicone cover attached, so extra vulnerable!The bottom line is that this bag is a very good quality for the price. If you can live with some compromise, then it's really good value for money. If you need to carry more gear, then you should consider buying the larger version, however you really have do pay for the extra capacity!
K&F Concept Sling backpack. Size: 9.06
Nice and lightweight. Love this backpack for hiking and taking on short trips.
 I am a bit surprised by how much I like this. I have had a pretty large and bulky camera bag that I have been using for the past 6 years. It is great for my go-to bag when I travel by plane but recently I had been getting jealous of my brother who has a bag like this sling backpack. It is just so lightweight and much easier to take around.The design for this thing is fantastic. Everything is really compact but it is roomy enough that you can put just about all the camera gear you need. I think the only gear you may not be able to pack on this would be large lenses.The material and sewing of this is solid. The zippers all glide without catching or slowing down.I really love how easy it is to pull out my camera, then take a few shots and put the camera back in and be on my merry way. Up until I got this backpack, when I would hike, I would just hike with a camera in my hand all the time because it was too much work to have to take my large backpack off then unzip everything just to get out the camera. This really simplifies the process and makes things painless and easy. I really love this backpack!
Nice and lightweight. Love this backpack for hiking and taking on short trips.
Not so good for me
I love this bag, but for me I suffered with neck pain when using it

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

Пожалуйста авторизируйтесь или создайте учетную запись перед тем как написать отзыв

K&F Concept sling backpack you are asking, our backpack size is L x W x H:23×14×37CM, and your Nikon P1000 size is 15*12*18cm, can be used on our backpack, please have a try. if you need more information please let us know. 
Size Name: 9.06"*5.51"*14.57" sling camera backpack you are asking, we checked your Canon eos 600D size is 13*10*8cm, and 55-200mm lens size is 7*10cm, in our bag, the bottoms size is 22*18cm, when put your lens+camera, lens length 10+camera height 8=18cm, which is smaller than 22cm, so please trust to purchase, fit for your needs. if you need more help, please contact us. 
Budget 10L sling camera bag by K&F Concept | Review and tips
K&F Concept® Sling-Rucksack / Kamerarucksack / Fotorucksack Test